The firm is an active participant in the creation and transaction of important international and national corporations that lead the different industries nowadays. Our specialized consulting team has been able to lead financing operations, acquisitions, joint ventures and franchises for our international clients leading them to a promising path to success in the local market.

We’re experts
in the corporate, financial and litigation area

We are experts in the corporate and financial areas, as well as capital markets. We participate in processes of bond issuance, leveraged acquisitions and structured financing of projects that facilitate the entry of large corporations into the Dominican market in a successful manner.

At Pellerano & Herrera, we know that civil or commercial litigations are part of reality. For this reason, our firm has developed a strong and successful practice for the protection of civil law, constitutional law and the search for alternative dispute resolutions that are shared in this guide.

Also, we advise on issues of entrepreneurship, insurance and intellectual property. If you’re interested in clarifying concerns about tax issues, we invite you to continue reading this material.

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