International Positioning

The Dominican Republic has extraordinary attractions that are positioned in important regional and global rankings

Positioning of the Dominican Republic on international level

Indicator / Ranking Ranking Evaluating organism
Mayor economic development of Latin America: 6.4% 1 CEPAL
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Caribbean 1 CEPAL
Main receptor of caribbean tourists 1 Caribbean Tourism Organization
Best Long Distance destiny 1 Revista Tour Mag
Best Caribbean destiny 1
25 best Hotels All Included in the world 4 Hotels Trip Advisor
Best connectivity in Central America and the Caribbean 2 Caribbean and Central American Countries
Best domain of the english language as a second language in Latin America 2 English Proficiency Index (EPI)

Positioning of the Dominican exportable oer worldwide

Exports Ranking Positioning
World exporter of cigars 1
Exporter of cocoa to India 1
Exporter of cigars to Latin America and the Caribbean 1
World exporter of fresh and dry plantains 1
Exporter of rum to Spain 2
Exporter of rum to Chile 2
Exporter of cocoa to Latin America and the Caribbean 2
Exporter of rum to the European Union 2
Exporter of medical instruments and devices at regional level 2
Exporter of Avocados to The United States 4
Exporter of cocoa beans to The United States 4
Exporter of cocoa beans to Japan 5
Exporter of bell pepper to The United States 6

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