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In addition to being a paradisiacal tourist destination, the Dominican Republic is the ideal Caribbean spot for new foreign investments. Thanks to its unique geographical location, legal framework and economic growth, the country warmly welcomes various business and investment opportunities each year.

Geographic Location

Whether to access the markets of North, South and Central America, or to serve as a bridge between these and the European continent, the Dominican Republic is the commercial core of the Caribbean for many sectors of goods and services.


Legal Framework

Knowing the link between market and international integration, Dominican authorities created legal bases that foster sustained economic stability, while ensuring an outlook increasingly open to new participants and investors.

Economic growth

Due to the fact that in recent years its economy has undergone a continuous process of regulatory modernization, the Dominican legal system encourages, invites and integrates international markets in its territory.


Because of its extensive road network that connects all of the commercial points of Santo Domingo with other key cities, the country has an infrastructure conducive to the production and commercialization of goods and services. Additionally, its eight (8) international airports and fourteen (14) ports located near the production centers, together with its telecommunications system, make up one of its main competitive advantages.

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