Entry Requirements

In general, foreigners need a Dominican visa to enter the country as tourists, except nationals of countries with which the Dominican Republic has signed agreements that exempt them from this requirement.

In this case, they can enter the country for a period of sixty (60) days with the purchase of a tourist card, acquired at the airport of arrival. However, for those cases in which the foreigner wishes to enter the country for residency purposes, he must request a residence visa or a business visa for work purposes.

Visa classifications:





Business for Labor Purposes




Temporary Worker


These visas are issued by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he Foreign Ministry and the Dominican Republic Foreign Service.

Foreigners can not visit the country with a tourist visa and process another type of visa during his stay, since the visa category changes need to be requested in a Dominican consulate from abroad. Therefore, the foreigner must return to his country of origin.

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