Foreign Investment

Dominican law accords equal treatment to domestic and foreign investment. The only restrictions on foreign investment apply to some particularly sensitive sectors, such as mining, in the sense that no other sovereign State may invest in Dominican mining projects. Aviation, health projects such as hospitals and pharmacies, the handling of toxic waste and radio transmissions require a minimum of Dominican capital. Public media managers must be Dominican, among industry-specific restrictions

To promote foreign investment in the country and to enhance exports, the Center for Export and Investment (CEI-RD) was created. The registering of investment before the CEI-RD is not mandatory and even without it foreign investors may remit profits and repatriate capital without permission, provided you meet tax commitments, which are the same as for nationals. The remitted amounts also include royalties, capital gains and capital upon liquidation of the company receiving the investment, to the extent of invested capital. However, registration in CEI-RD allows access to preferential treatment and expedited residence for investors and management positions.

The Dominican Republic has pursued an active policy of multilateral trade relations, signing numerous free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties with Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Morocco, Panama, Republic of China (Taiwan), Kingdom of the Netherlands, Switzerland. At the same time it has signed treaties to avoid double taxation with Canada and Spain.

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