Public Bids

With the enactment of two laws on public procurement in 2006, one of the main markets of the country was opened to the general public, including foreign firms.

Under the Public Procurement Directorate, which is ascribed to the Ministry of Finance, the procurement process for both the sale of goods or services as well as buildings is governed by the principles of efficiency, competition, equality and transparency. It covers all public and non-regional financial institutions, whether central, decentralized or autonomous, financial or non-financial The only restriction imposed on foreign companies is their duty to partner up with a Dominican person who owns at least 30% equity and employ 50% of Dominican labor. For the signatories to the DR-CAFTA, this limitation applies only to construction bidding.
To participate in a bidding process, every contender must register as a provider of the State and contests have different levels of openness depending on the amounts involved therein. Similarly, contracts financed through international loans or donations  will not be open to public bidding, neither will paltry contracts, contracts declared emergency, contracts between government agencies, contracts involving issues that could put national security at risk and those with the aim of benefiting Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)


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