Living in Dominican Republic

Foreigners Before the Dominican Justice System

While each day of scarcer application, the obligation still remains valid that foreigners who do not possess real estate in the country are obliged to post bail to be determined by the judge before starting court proceedings against a Dominican citizen. This guarantee does not apply to criminal or labor matters.

The Dominican Penal Code establishes three types of infractions: misdemeanors, felonies, and crimes, depending on the seriousness of the infractions, which are penalized differently.

Important Aspects of Family Law

Foreigners who wish to marry in the Dominican Republic must present an original and copy of their passport, a legalized and apostilled document certifying their single status issued by the country of origin, and their tourist card, residence card, or identity card, whichever is applicable.

Legal Framework Applicable to Foreigners

Foreign investors whose businesses or activities require them to visit the Dominican Republic or to move their residence to the country will find in this chapter information about the most important laws and regulations that will apply to their entry and stay in the country.

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