Because of the country’s natural resources, climate, cultural diversity and historical interest along with its accessibility and political stability, the Dominican Republic is at present the island with the greatest tourist influx in the Caribbean.

In addition, tourism is one of the most attractive sectors for investment in current times. Firstly there are no restrictions for foreign capital, although tour guides and casino employees must be Dominican. Similarly, travel agents cannot offer cross-border services unless they have a local representative in Dominican Republic. Additionally, the industry has attractive tax incentives on the purchase of land for tourism development, construction and supply of hotels and taxes levied on the profits generated. These incentives are exacerbated when the projects are carried in certain areas considered "underdeveloped".

Management and sector policies are dictated by the Ministry of Tourism, which in addition to its facilities in the country has offices around the world. The State is not directly involved in the tourism market, but supports the development of the sector especially in areas considered sustainable, such as cultural tourism and ecotourism.


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